Monday, February 11, 2019

Aussie Author Challenge 2019 - with an Indigenous Australian focus.

I have participated in the Aussie Author Challenge at some level or other since 2013. This year I am participating with an added personal challenge of my own. Two of the books that I read that had the most impact on me in the last year or so were "Dark Emu, Black Seeds" a non-fiction book by Bruce Pascoe about the evidence and history of the oldest human agriculture on earth by Australia's First People, and the novel "Terra Nullius" by Claire G Coleman. Both are by Indigenous Australian authors, and both blew my mind in different ways, and started to help make me aware of how ignorant and unaware I was/am about so many aspects of the amazing culture and people who have been on this land for so many thousands of years and how horrific colonisation was and is in their experience, and how little we understand and appreciate it. So this year I am deliberately seeking out more books by Indigenous Australian authors to help continue learning more from them. So I thought I would combine this personal challenge I have set for myself to broaden my understanding and awareness of Indigenous Australian culture, challenges, discrimination, languages and reconciliation with the Aussie Author Challenge 2019. So I am attempting to read at least 6 books (Wallaroo level) by Indigenous Australian authors and/or focus on topics relevant to our First Nations people in the Aussie Author Challenge 2019.


  1. Wonderful to have you joining us again in 2019 Sarah :)

    1. Thank you Joanne :-) Thanks for continuing to host this great reading challenge.