Saturday, October 4, 2014

"My Story" by Julia Gillard

This book is an autobiographical account of the first female Prime Minister in Australia about her time leading our country. I must say I found her an inspiring leader, and wish she was still governing our nation. I bought her book the day it was released, and attended a seminar presentation she gave at the University of Adelaide last Thursday night. Julia appeared down to earth, humourous at times, inspiring and intelligent. After her presentation I had the chance to get my copy of her book signed and to say a few words to her. Very glad to have this opportunity.

My review will appear here, once I have finished reading her book. It is a page turner, but it is a hard cover book and quite heavy so it's not easy to bring on public transport so it may take me longer to read than I would like. I do most of my reading at the moment on public transport, so I have been reading other books on my kindle in preference to lugging this heavier book around.

Aussie Author Challenge details: Australian Author, Female Author, New to me, first published in 2014, non-fiction, autobiography genre, politics.

"Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell

Started reading about 11th September 2014
Finished: 1st Oct 2014.

Non fiction book looking at what makes successful people and geniuses so unique from a different angle. Suggesting that it is not intrinsic intelligence per say, rather that any reasonably intelligent person if born at the right time in history, with the right family environment, exposed to "lucky" opportunities will succeed over someone more intelligent but not offered the same opportunities delivered by chance/family environment/history/random events outside their control. 

Some of this book was really interesting and thought-provoking, other bits just made me feel that you can make a correlation with all sorts of random things, doesnt necessarily mean it is causative.

My score: 6/10. Although some chapters were more 8/10, other chapters dragged the score down.