Saturday, October 4, 2014

"My Story" by Julia Gillard

This book is an autobiographical account of the first female Prime Minister in Australia about her time leading our country. I must say I found her an inspiring leader, and wish she was still governing our nation. I bought her book the day it was released, and attended a seminar presentation she gave at the University of Adelaide last Thursday night. Julia appeared down to earth, humourous at times, inspiring and intelligent. After her presentation I had the chance to get my copy of her book signed and to say a few words to her. Very glad to have this opportunity.

My review will appear here, once I have finished reading her book. It is a page turner, but it is a hard cover book and quite heavy so it's not easy to bring on public transport so it may take me longer to read than I would like. I do most of my reading at the moment on public transport, so I have been reading other books on my kindle in preference to lugging this heavier book around.

Aussie Author Challenge details: Australian Author, Female Author, New to me, first published in 2014, non-fiction, autobiography genre, politics.

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