Sunday, July 7, 2013

"Dirt Music" by Tim Winton

Tim Winton is an Australian author. Some of his books I absolutely loved and couldn't stop turning the pages (e.g. "Breath"). "Dirt Music" however was not one of my favourite of his books. There were some lovely descriptions capturing landscapes and emotions and situations in unique ways in this book. But many of the characters were unlikable and the tone of the book was as if you were constantly just waiting for something violent and destructive to occur, as if you were in the eye of a storm. I also found the lack of quotation marks to indicate what was being said and by which character pretty distracting and annoying - not sure how much this had to do with me being tired when I was reading but it constantly kept frustrating me as I had to re-read bits to figure out who was speaking..

Started reading on my Kindle: 20th June 2013
Finished: 6th July 2013
My score: 6/10

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