Saturday, March 14, 2020

"Mullumbimby" by Melissa Lucashenko

This is a novel set around the QLD and NSW border, and is a contemporary romance story interwoven with harder-hitting themes such as raising awareness of issues facing Aboriginal families when seeking to claim Native Title, and other inequalities and issues between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Australia.

I really didn't connect with this book nearly as much as with the author's other book "Too much lip" which I read last year and loved. Although to be honest, with the covid-19 situation I haven't felt like I have had much concentration for reading a novel on top of work and dealing with adjusting to the pandemic, and a lot of my reading time in the past was done on public transport commuting to and from work, which obviously hasn't been happening lately, so perhaps in other circumstances I would have read the book quicker, connected more with the story, and given a higher score. Given that this book was long and short listed for a variety of awards back in 2013, my review doesn't give it justice and I am sure if I had read it at another time I would have appreciated it more.

One thing I did really enjoy about the book was the inclusion of the author's local Aboriginal language from the Bundjalung Nation, including the glossary at the end.

Started reading: 15th March 2020
Finished: 23rd April 2020
My score: 6/10
Aussie Author Challenge stats: Female author, Indigenous author. Genre: Romance, Contemporary fiction.

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