Sunday, March 8, 2020

"Harbour" by Kate Llewellyn

My friend Kate gave me this most recent book of her poetry. I was very touched, I haven't read much poetry, and I think this is the first book of poetry I have been given in my life. As I don't know a lot about poetry it is hard to review it as I would a novel. I like some of the poems of Wilfred Owen that I first read at school...and I love some of the poems in The Lord of the Rings, like "The Road goes ever on and on....". The poems in "Harbour" are like little glimpses into Kate's mind and how she sees people and experiences and how she reflects back at her long and interesting life. My favourite poem in this collection is entitled "The Song". It is only 15 lines long, but it is beautiful. I also really liked "what they said", although for completely different reasons - not because it was beautiful, but because it captures how particular phrases, advice, sayings that people in your life say to you can really stick in your memory your whole life, sometimes these words tell a lot about the person saying it, but it can also say something about the person who remembers those particular words rather than others.

I also really liked the cover art on this book. I have always loved the Dutch Masters paintings and still life paintings by others of that same era that included these beautiful tulips, especially these 'split' colour tulips which I believe were the result of a mosaic virus but yielded these stunning flowers that were worth a lot of money in the so-called "Tulip Fever".

Started reading: 5th March 2020
Finished: 9th March 2020
Aussie author stats: Female author, Poetry,

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