Friday, February 21, 2020

Aussie Author Challenge 2020

I'm taking part in the Aussie Author Challenge for 2020. I have taken on this reading 'challenge' most years since 2013 as it is a great way to ensure I discover and read books by outstanding Australian authors and help support local writers and open my eyes further to the diversity of views and stories that Australian books/authors represent.

If you haven't done the Aussie Author Challenge before, I recommend you check out the Book Lovers Book Review blog for more details and sign up - it is completely free, and you can also read the reviews other people write to help you discover other authors you might not have heard of previously.

If I include reading actual books and kndle books with listening to audiobooks from my library then I will aim for the Wallaroo (6 Aussie books) - Kangaroo (12 Aussie books) level, as I also want to read some books by international authors too. I am once again adding my own personal goal to the Aussie Author Challenge and aiming to ensure that at least half the Aussie books I read this year are written by Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander writers.


  1. Great addition to your challenge conditions Sarah. A pleasure to have you join us, as always.

    1. Thank you for hosting the challenge again Jo. :-)